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Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure
Government Action Plan on TransEquality – Third GEO Survey – A reminder
You can find the third government survey on the Home Office website – on page two of the third trans e-bulletin
This survey covers two areas. The first section focuses on employment and the second section concerns issues surrounding identity and privacy.
The survey seeks opinion on these key issues that can profoundly affect the lives and the life chances of the transpopulation and I urge ALL non-gendered transpeople resident within the United Kingdom to respond. This is an unprecedented opportunity for non-gendered to communicate directly with the government and have YOUR say.
The GEO assure that responses will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Your completed survey should be returned by 16 September 2011. Contact the GEO at for further information or any enquiries relating to the survey.
I have received an informal request for information concerning the views and experiences of non-gendered transpeople in the access of NHS services. More specifically this request is for information on how non-gendered transpeople would go about accessing services relative to achieving desired physical transition within a public healthcare system that only provides for gendered transpeople.
The request comes from the South East Coast Specialised Commissioning Group - the national lead for provision of such services for England.
I stress this is not a formal review of current policy but SECSCG have made an unsolicited approach and express a willingness to engage and to learn. The request is for anecdotal evidence on “what works and what doesn’t” whilst acknowledging that NHS provision for non-gendered is non-existent within the present. There is recognition that non-gendered needs will have to be taken into account when deciding on future commissioning policy.
They do not require your name or any contact details therefore I suggest that anyone who wishes to contribute should write to me at with ‘Healthcare Commissioning’ in the subject line, and I will forward the relevant content but will not forward your email address or anything that compromises your anonymity.
It would help though if – along with your anecdotal account/personal experience and views in seeking to access appropriate healthcare treatment in order to complete your transition - you can recommend the kind of services and provision you would like the NHS to provide.

As I have often spoken out and expressed my views against the psychopathologisation of the transpopulation, I should add that any NHS services that might become available to non-gendered transpeople for the purpose of transition would initially fall within the ‘mental health’ category. It is unfortunate that specialised commissioning for such services still falls under mental health because initial diagnosis prior to further treatment is made by clinicians within the mental health field. I would prefer to regard the proper access to appropriate healthcare treatment as fundamental towards safeguarding the mental wellbeing of the individual. The SECSCG acknowledge the mental health aspect as contentious for service-users who feel stigmatised by the label.
The World Health Organisation ICD-10 which came into use in 1994 classifies (gendered) transpeople and GID is documented as a ‘disorder’ in this lengthy WHO volume as are pathological fire-starting and kleptomania. Non-gendered is unreferenced in ICD-10 but healthcare service delivery for non-gendered transpeople would fall under the same classification. As homosexuality was listed as a ‘disorder’ in ICD-9 and then subsequently removed from ICD-10, it is anticipated the medical profession will eventually accept that transpeople form an integral part of the diverse nature of society and should be de-classified. In the meantime however I urge that non-gendered transpeople are not deterred from responding to this enquiry. As I say, I will forward your anecdotal experiences, views and recommendations but will not forward your name or contact details.

I referred briefly to Nepal back in April and that the Nepalese Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) had decided to add a third option under the gender field for forthcoming national census questionnaire.
The census – the first to “officially” include a third option that citizens can select - opens the way for stronger legal recognition and accordant rights in the provision of public services.
This follows the landmark 2007 Supreme Court decision aimed at securing rights for Nepal’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex population, adding a new category on citizenship documentation essential to access a range of health and legal services within the country.
 The citizenship certificates, effectively national identity papers, are required when opening a bank account, purchasing property, accepting employment and applying for a passport.
You can find further details and a video on the United Nations Development Programme website
I extend my deep admiration to the Blue Diamond Society for their monumental achievements in Nepal. For further information, visit their website

I refer again to my entry from 11 July 2011
Terminology is such an important issue and the exclusion of non-gendered transpeople by definition needs urgently to be addressed. The use of reference that would see non-gendered permanently on the margins needs also to be addressed.
The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.

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