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Government Action Plan on TransEquality – Third Survey now online
The third government survey is now on the Home Office website – you can find it on page two of the third trans e-bulletin
This survey covers two areas. The first section focuses on employment and the second section concerns issues surrounding identity and privacy.
Again, I really need to stress the importance of non-gendered input into these surveys - we do not enjoy the benefit of social visibility within the gendered societal structure and our extraordinary and specific need for basic provision to function and to be productive within society is consequentially overlooked and ignored all too often.
The survey is same format as previous, a series of questions with option selections and a space for your further comments.
For non-gendered, this is an opportunity for us to offer our views and opinions and to use the comments sections to provide (brief) details of personal experiences that reflect the complicatedness of our lives as lived outside the margins of a gendered societal structure.
The GEO assure that responses will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.
Your completed survey should be returned by 16 September 2011.
I am not sure whether there will be more surveys to follow in the forthcoming months or whether this one is (hopefully!) the last. Because I want positive and affirmative action from the governing authorities who have the power to make change and on a personal level I want to experience a real and tangible improvement to my life circumstances rather than perform the role of ‘real life’ contributor in endless rounds of hand-wringing discussion.
For the past nine months or so, I have become engaged in talks with representatives of various government departments and government agencies and through these discussions and in ongoing discussion with the GEO and parliamentary representatives I have raised issues that specifically affect the lives of non-gendered transpeople. These issues have been outlined in detail in previous website postings so will not repeat again here. You can go back and read through entries over the last eighteen months or more for further info.

I cannot say which single items will be undertaken as part of the forthcoming government action plan and I offer no absolute guarantees that any of the issues fundamental to the wellbeing of non-gendered transpeople will be properly addressed within the immediacy – although I have pushed very hard whenever I’ve been given the chance and am therefore reasonably optimistic of some relatively small but discernable improvements in our everyday lives within the short term, whereas some issues – such as non gender-specific public bathroom provision – will undoubtedly take longer to resolve, although I will continue to push for the harder-to-resolve issues as well – because this is all about equality and respect and I will not settle for anything less than equality in a society where human beings of non-gendered identity will no longer have to deny or compromise our identity in order to conform within a gendered societal structure that denies us a legitimate identity.

I understand the government will announce measures to be undertaken as part of the Government Action Plan on TransEquality towards the end of this year and will keep you informed as best I can.
For further information about the survey, contact the GEO directly at
I want finally to refer to my previous post regarding terminology
Terminology is regarded as a contentious area of trans discourse where it is impossible to get any kind of unchallenged consensus or agreement. I have always consciously avoided becoming involved with pointless debates and averse to being sidetracked by things that are not terribly important in the grand scheme, but I am resolute in that I am not prepared to stay silent about something that is wrong.
The terminology is WRONG!  WRONG!!  WRONG!!!
I maintain that ‘gender identity’ is not inclusive of the non-gendered identity and I urge policy makers and anyone who publishes written material on a remit that undertakes to be inclusive should rethink their use of ‘gender identity’ as applied to the transpopulation. After all, how can a non-gendered identity – a core identity that cannot be defined as male or female - possibly be a ‘gender identity’? To include non-gendered people under a banner of ‘gender identity’ is a contradictory statement that makes no sense. If it makes no sense to me then how will any assertion to the contrary be received within the societal mainstream? Using ‘gender identity’ to define non-gendered transpeople undermines our legitimate right to be perceived as equals within gendered society, as does the use of the inappropriate and deeply offensive ‘queer’ as a term of reference to those who do not fit the “binary model”.
The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.

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