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Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure


Government Action Plan on TransEquality – Online Survey (final reminder)

I stress again the urgency for all NON-GENDERED people in the United Kingdom to get involved and express your views about the issues YOU regard as top priority and the measures you believe the coalition government should take in order to address the problems that have the most detrimental impact on your life and your life chances.


We are socially invisible non-gendered human beings co-existing within a gendered societal structure where we are denied legitimate identity, denied legal recognition and the respectful right that our core identities should be acknowledged and we are excluded from existing ‘equalities’ legislation leaving us without any enforceable protection against discrimination


The government are now listening (at last!) and they require your input. I have presented and argued over many of the issues referenced in previous postings on this website and I have been able to convince some within the government there is an urgent need that our position must be addressed as a matter of urgency. But I can only do so much and it is ESSENTIAL that other non-gendered are prepared to contribute their views to the consultation process.


If you have not already completed the survey, I really urge that you do so before it’s too late.


The deadline date for response is 6 May 2011.


The online survey can be accessed from e-bulletin on the GEO website

The direct link to the survey can be found on page 2 of the document.


Any questions relating to the survey or other aspects of the Government Action Plan should be addressed to



Non gender-specific passport provision in Denmark


Awaiting update for outcome of UN Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review. Process still ongoing. I will update as soon as information becomes available.



This really came about by accident. I was looking for suitable companies to target as part of my ongoing campaign against the discriminatory practice within the private sector of requirement to declare a gendered role before making available their goods and services – I wanted to add to my s/hit list of companies that perpetuate the outdated and discredited notion that everyone is gendered and deny access to goods and services unless a gendered role is declared.


The internet is not short of such companies and I wanted to find a suitably high profile target where the core business is provision of online services. And You Tube appeared to fulfil the criteria to perfection.


The problem was there did not appear to be any direct way of contacting the organisation executive board in writing other than sending a letter by snail mail to the company headquarters in the USA – which is too slow and too costly – and too easy for a company to ignore.


While I searched the company’s website trying to find some alternative contact details that would lead ultimately to the chief executive, I decided to experiment – and see whether I could actually override the inappropriate and offensive requirement to declare a gendered role when opening an account.


It did not look promising initially but was in fact unbelievably easy (I’m not sure whether the ability to override was deliberate or an oversight on You Tube’s part and in consideration will not repeat the process here – but so easy I wonder why they bothered with the inappropriate question in the first place – and if the override facility was deliberate then why not just provide a visible non gender-specific option at point of entry?).


So, rather than targeting the company, I ended up opening an account. It seemed like a good time to discover whether the inbuilt webcam that came with my laptop actually worked - which it did but the only problem was I did not appear to have the requisite software to record and save a video. The only thing left was to record directly to You Tube referring to hand written notes taken from previous website postings and other stuff that I’ve written or intended to write over last few years – here is the result


And here are the answers to two most anticipated questions: (i) No, I was not recording with my eyes closed for much of the time. My equipment does not have the luxury of autocue and I was referring to my notes on the keyboard below and (ii) No, to the best of my knowledge I am not related to Margaret Thatcher – we share similar vocal traits and equally possess a dogged determination to see something through – but I think any further similarity most probably ends there.


Anyway, the campaign video could be a useful (if unintended) diversion and I might do some more things along this line in the future but for now will keep to written communications.


The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.


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