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To Jil Matheson, Permanent Secretary, Office for National Statistics


I am sending this direct email communication to you as the named person and representative of the Office for National Statistics and Census 2011

Your opening message on the front cover of the census questionnaire states “Everyone should be included in the census – all people, ........”

My core identity is NON-GENDERED

The issue of human identity outside the gendered societal structure was not properly taken into consideration when a decision was made to exclude from the questionnaire all human identity other than gendered identities male and female.


Non-gendered human beings represent a socially invisible section within a gendered society where we are denied the right of legitimate identity and suffer furthermore through complete and total lack of provision within a gendered societal structure that denies our existence.


The gendered terminology in which all legislative systems within gendered society are historically bound does not enable non-gendered human beings to function in a productive way within a gendered societal structure where we are denied not only the right of legal recognition and legitimate identity but frequently denied access to goods and services taken for granted by the privileged gendered majority within society. My status within the gendered societal structure is non-person equating non-human.


Under ‘Individual questions’ on census questionnaire is the requirement for the respondent to state their sex with two options: ‘Male’ and ‘Female’.


This question can be interpreted in two ways: that the respondent states their sex (the physicality) or their gender (the gender identity). Given that the question asks only for the respondent’s sex is a misnomer or at least open to dispute as the physicality and the identity are not necessarily the same.


Notwithstanding the fact that if the purpose of the question was solely in reference to the sex there is the obvious exclusion of ‘Intersex’ from permitted response options, but it should be assumed the majority of respondents would choose to state their gender (gender identity) if the core identity of the respondent is different to their sex (physicality).


As I possess an IDENTITY that is non-gendered, I do not have a ‘gender identity’. The gendered societal structure has two genders – male and female. I do however possess a core identity that is as real and valid and of equal worth in representation as the socially recognised gendered identities male and female represent the identities of the privileged gendered majority.


There has been no attempt to assess the number of human beings resident within the United Kingdom who do not identify within the gendered societal structure.


The Office for National Statistics have missed what should have been a valuable opportunity – and a very timely opportunity considering the measures the transpopulation are expecting to be undertaken by the Government Equalities Office under a forthcoming Government Action Plan –  to identify a definable section within the population whose marginalised existence has traditionally been ignored.


Furthermore, I regard the mandatory requirement to declare myself either male or female not only inappropriate but insulting and deeply offensive.


A copy of this communication will be circulated to my email distribution list and to others for whom it may be of interest and will be posted on my website




Christie Elan-Cane


The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.

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