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A reminder there will be a judicial review permission application hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London this coming Wednesday 11 October.

This is an extremely important event for anyone with an interest in changing the UK Government’s discriminatory passport policy. The hearing will determine whether the judicial review application lodged with the courts in July of this year can proceed to a full hearing.

I may have appeared over cautious and pessimistic when I announced the hearing date in my earlier post on 15 September but I did not, and still do not, want to raise false hopes that UK Government policy on ‘X’ Passports can be easily overturned. Throughout several years of political engagement I was offered much that turned out to be nothing at all and I was let down very badly on numerous occasions. I do not want to repeat the mistake of raising expectations only for those expectations to be dealt a crushing blow time and again. Past disappointments should not however lead to preconceived expectations this time around. Many politicians are now onside and the landscape has changed. The UK Government is generally regarded as out of step with policy change in this area being implemented in other countries.

This is the first legal challenge against the UK Government’s discriminatory passport policy administered by HM Passport Office. Despite my cautionary notes there is reasonable possibility that the case for ‘X’ Passports will be viewed favourably given there is evident and persistent inequality of treatment given towards UK passport holders who define as neither male nor female. The case must obtain permission to go to the substantive stage of judicial review. If permission is refused then there is a complicated appeal process that I will not go into right now.

Wednesday 11 October is a significant date that everyone should keep in their diaries.

I will update the site as soon as possible after the hearing. In the meantime …………………………

More than 40 MPs have added their signatures to EDM 175 since tabling by Norman Lamb MP last July. This is an excellent start given that most of the period from tabling until now has been in parliamentary recess [during which time signatures are not registered].

There is every reason to believe the target of 100+ signatures can be achieved within the current session, notwithstanding yet another general election call.

Again, urging all MPs who support this issue and have not signed the motion to reaffirm your support for ‘X’ Passports in the UK for people who do not associate with a particular gender.

If your MP is not on the list, then contact them without delay and urge them to sign EDM 175.

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