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Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure


The motion has 41 signatures to date This is an excellent achievement with more supportive signatures in six weeks from June tabling as EDM 907 achieved while running for the last four months of the previous parliamentary session. It is interesting to note that many signatories to EDM 47 did not sign EDM 907 or EDM 889 before that. Once all previous signatories have reaffirmed their support the total count for EDM 47 will exceed 50 and I am aiming again for 100+ signatures before the end of this session in Spring 2015.

I want to send a heartfelt thank-you to all Members who have signed EDM 47 and I am asking that other Members who peruse this site from time to time (although might not care to admit it!) would openly lend their support for this important issue on the principle of legitimate identity as a fundamental human right. If you are reading this and can help then I ask that you sign the motion.

As always, many thanks to everyone who has made the effort to encourage their representative MP to support the motion and thanks also to everyone helping from behind the scenes in various capacities in order to progress the issue.

IMPORTANT!!! 100+ signatures is the goal! As I’ve often said before, the EDM is a useful mechanism to raise parliamentary and public awareness of important issues that otherwise would not get aired but a staunchly supported EDM does not guarantee a parliamentary debate. However, if EDM 47 can reach 100 signatures there will be pressure on the government to debate the issue or, more than likely, there will be a quiet reversal of the outright rejection of ‘X’ passports in the face of potential embarrassment at the public exposure that an entirely fake ‘review’ was conducted by HM Passport Office with the sole intention of burying the issue.

It is VITAL that everyone who is affected by this issue, indeed everyone who cares about the issue is prepared to contact their MP and urge their support for the motion. If your local MP cannot sign EDMs due to ministerial protocol or (rather unhelpfully) has an overarching aversion to EDMs, then ask in what capacity they are prepared to help progress this issue. Remember, they are your elected representatives and are there to serve ALL the people within their respective constituencies.

Given that this legitimate human rights issue was taboo and completely off the radar until very recently it really is incredible that so many MPs are now willing to be open and public in their support. Times really are a-changin’.


But the current government stance is unchanged, as reflected in response to WPQ recently tabled in the House of Lords.

And this time the standard verbatim negative response is trolled out by a Liberal Democrat peer


Once it became clear the government ‘review’ on policy with regards to ‘X’ passports was nothing more than a sham, I made clear that I did not accept the negative outcome and that government would be challenged again and again until that outcome was overturned. The EDM has been the most public challenge to the government so far, and an increasing number of MPs are asking questions including the tabling of written and oral questions to government ministers that go on record. All are getting repetition of the same negative standard response most recently repeated by Baroness Northover in the House of Lords.

The government believes the issue – and the people whose lives are blighted due to societal ignorance – can be ignored but the government position is untenable in the face of evidence and that progress is being made in other parts of the world.

The fight continues.

Within a few weeks I should be able to provide more information about work that has taken place over several months that will culminate in a formal presentation to the government.

Keep watching this space.

If you would like alerts when the site is updated with key information, write to me at and you can subscribe to me on Twitter


The White House has responded to a recent online petition that attracted over 103K signatures.

At first reading the response is broadly empathic and advocates best practice at both a federal and state level, noting the importance of individuality and fairness. Crucially however, while avoiding the crass and overtly discriminatory negative tone preferred by HM government in the UK, the response is side stepping the key issue that was clearly presented in the petition and does not actually address the question of provision and the official registration of identity other than male or female.

I have responded to the White House and asked for better clarification on what, if anything, the US government intends to do at the federal level in terms of recognition of identity other than male and female citing New Zealand’s passport policy as an example of best practice.

I encourage everyone who seeks a more definitive response from the White House to submit to:

The US passport is issued by the federal government whereas other documents (birth and marriage certificates, driving license etc.) are issued by the state governing bodies.

Sexual Health Guide: request for input – can you help?

Sexpression:UK, a non-profit organisation delivering sexual health education to UK schools are preparing a sexual health guide specifically tailored towards ‘non-binary’ people. They are looking for community feedback on what issues to include, what users would like to see in such a guide, what information regarding sexual health that people wish had been available to them while growing up or would still like information on. Those contributing feedback should contact Sophie at For more info see Sexpression:UK website

Care Quality Commission inspection of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will be inspecting this NHS Trust from the 2nd of September 2014, which includes Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea, St. Mary’s and Western Eye Hospitals.

The inspection team is very interested to hear from anyone who has used services in the last 12 months about their experiences. The inspection team is also keen to hear evidence from local voluntary & community sector groups about the quality and safety of care that their members and service users have experienced. Please tell CQC about your experiences by Monday 28th July 2014.

You can send reports, peoples stories of care or other evidence your group holds about people’s care to, by post to CQC, Citygate, Gallowgate, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4PA, or you can ring CQC on 03000 616161. Please put the name of the service you are sending information about in the title to help CQC pass it to the right inspection team.

You can send evidence of high-quality care as well as any concerns you have identified.  CQC will use your information to help the inspection team plan the inspection and what to look for on the inspection. The inspection team will ask these five questions about the trust and its services:

·         Is it safe?
·         Is it effective?
·         Is it caring?
·         Is it responsive to people’s needs?
·         Is it well-led?

You can read more about how CQC carry out their inspections on their website

Please note, all communications on the last two items above should be directed to the relevant bodies and not to me.

The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered

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