July 13th, 2017

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Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure


The latest in a series of parliamentary motions in support of ‘X’ Passports in the UK has been tabled and I again express my profound and deepest thanks to Norman Lamb MP.

I must once more request that all MPs are strongly urged to add their signature in support of the motion.

‘That this House recognises the support expressed in previous parliamentary sessions to address the issues faced by people whose identities are neither male nor female; believes that people are compromised and diminished as a result of inappropriate gender references on their personal identity information; acknowledges that all passports issued by HM Passport Office are currently gender­ specific and it is therefore not possible to obtain a British passport that contains no reference to gendered identity; understands that the International Civil Aviation Organisation standard specification for machine-readable travel documents, ICAO Document 9303, permits X unspecified alongside F female and M male, under a mandatory sex category; notes that citizens of Malta, Australia and New Zealand are able to obtain a non gender-specific X passport and that India, Nepal and Pakistan make provision for their citizens when neither M nor F are appropriate; further believes that similar provision is needed in the UK where current discriminatory policy denies non-gendered and bi-gendered people a legitimate identity; and therefore urges the Government and HM Passport Office to make non gender-specific X passports available in the UK to people who do not identify with a particular gender.’r EDMs by:

And that other matter I’ve been referring to in recent posts ……………………….

Keep watching this space ……………………….

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Legitimate Identity is a Fundamental Human Right

The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered