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October 27th, 2016

Oct. 27th, 2016

Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure

Introduction of gender-neutral public announcements on London’s transport network

Regular travellers on London’s tube network might have noticed by now that new public announcements are being rolled out to replace the ubiquitous “Ladies and Gentlemen ……” with the more inclusive “Customers ……” or “Passengers ……”

Transport for London (TfL) management responded positively to my approach and suggestion that public announcements throughout the tube network should use gender-neutral terms.

I had noticed there was not much discernible change after a period of six months and followed-up to question how the change was being implemented. I was pleasantly surprised.

TfL management does understand the significance of the issue and the aim is not just to introduce gender-neutral public announcements on the tube but to establish continuity across London’s entire transport network, incorporating bus services where drivers are employed by other operators under TfL jurisdiction.

This represents an organisational change where ongoing training and guidance will be provided across the TfL organisation in order that employees become familiar with the new announcements. Some staff members have worked with the organisation for more than 20 years and need to acclimatise to the new terminology however new staff will receive appropriate guidance from the outset and eventually all TfL public announcements will be gender neutral.

I’d like feedback on your experiences traveling on TfL.

Write to Christie.Elan-Cane@ukgateway.net and let me know which areas, stations etc. are getting it right and where TfL needs to improve. This is a fact finding and not a name and shame exercise.

Your name and details will not be forwarded to TfL.

EDM 11

Don’t forget to contact your MP and urge their support for ‘X’ Passports. The aim is still to exceed 100 signatures in time for a parliamentary debate to be called before end of this session.

MP signatories to date.

Life Beyond Bizarre!

Don’t forget to read my latest blog on HuffPost UK. Events that led to the start of my campaign for legitimate identity as a fundamental human right. Far more bitter than sweet.

The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered


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