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November 27th, 2011

Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure
As the long wait for government announcements indicating measures they will undertake to improve the lives of transpeople in the United Kingdom draws to an end, I need to make a point concerning use of the content on this site and also remind there are laws to protect against the unauthorised reproduction of another person’s written material.
Ever since I started this ‘journal’ in 2008 its content has been lifted and has often reverberated around the bloggersphere. The originators usually had the courtesy to obtain my permission before lifting entire entries or excerpted text from an entry and have treated the material with respect. And until now I had turned a blind eye when I came across something where permission to copy was not sought because I was happy that people were engaged and wanted to spread the word.
Unfortunately it appears that my recent speaking of mind about something on which I hold an opinion – an opinion that I am prepared to stand by – has upset a few people who then felt they had the right to lift parts of my material in isolation and use it in a wildly distortional way in order to express their opinions.
I appreciate there are some people – those individuals who like to whinge and whine and critically undermine the hard work of others who strive to make a positive difference, and are not capable of contributing anything of value but can only live to take –  who will hold very different views to mine.
These individuals – as evidenced in unnecessary reference to my age – can never grow up and they do not even particularly want to experience real equality because they would not be able to handle the responsibility that goes with it and they tend to get very hacked off when I assert through my writing that, as a human being and a transperson of non-gendered identity, I do not want anything less than EQUALITY of status – parity with the privileged gendered majority.
I will stress that the antics of these individuals are not representative of the majority of people who read this site and are supportive of my work as they are supportive to the issue. Most people are respectful towards me even when they do not agree 100 per cent with everything I say.
However, thanks to the efforts of a few troublemakers, I have to make a request that material is not lifted from this website either in full or in part unless my written permission has been obtained.
There is a facility to establish a direct link to a single journal entry. Just click on ‘link’ at the bottom of the selected entry. This creates a new URL which can be pasted into your blog or into an email: eg.
http://elancane.livejournal.com/9210.html links to the 25 September entry where, in the wake of news from the Identity and Passport Service, I repeat last year’s Call to Act, urging all UK passport holders who are forced to accept inappropriate gendered identification to contact the IPS and demand an end to a policy that fails to recognise non gender-specific ‘X’ as a legitimate option.
And if you are affected by this issue and have not written to the IPS, it is not too late and I ask again that you write and make a positive contribution in the fight for non-gendered equality.
The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.
Copyright ©2011 Christie Elan-Cane
All rights reserved.


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