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June 28th, 2010





Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the societal gender system


Automated Arrival Facility at Local Healthcare Centre – Part 2


I wrote an entry on 06 January 2009 with an account of how I had managed to persuade my local Primary Care Trust (Southwark) to upgrade an arrivals facility installed in the reception of the healthcare practice where I am registered as a patient http://elancane.livejournal.com/1332.html.


The system required that patients stated whether they are male or female in order to be able to announce their arrival and there was no means of avoiding or bypassing this inappropriate and offensive question. I was told an upgrade was needed in order to secure the removal of the question.


It was a frustrating battle that took almost two years from the time of my initial complaint to the practice and the system upgrade implementation taking place. The main problem was the unhelpful response from the software company contracted to supply and support the system.


On a recent visit to the practice I found the offensive requirement to state a gendered role as part of the automated check-in process had returned.


It took just a couple of emails to the practice and Southwark PCT to discover that it was once again the software company who were responsible for the problem. Following a system failure earlier this year, the company had to replace the hardware and they supplied the practice with a new system without the upgrade pre-installed. This has now been rectified following my complaint.


So, I wonder, do I have to go through the same procedure every time this company screws up? I have not made a further formal complaint to the PCT as the problem has been dealt with – for this time anyway – and the real problem in this instance is with the contracted software supplier and not the healthcare practice. I did however take the opportunity to remind all concerned that this is just not good enough. If I had not had reason to visit the practice, the offensive question could have remained there indefinitely thanks to the incompetence and indifference of Egton Medical Information Systems Ltd. (EMIS, you are named and shamed).


The Equality and Human Rights Commission – What is the point?


A statement of fact rather than a question.  As outlined in my posting of 23 November 2009, I had finally managed to establish dialogue with EHRC and hoped to be able to move things forward in that I had finally succeeded in making them aware of the issue and they even appeared able to grasp some of the facts. I wanted very much to discuss the need for them to include something in their guidance material, make recommendations, just SOMETHING! Since then nothing has happened as an anticipated meeting between myself and one of their legal team has still not taken place due to their ongoing procrastination and excuse making.


A second formal complaint against EHRC looks unavoidable but, as I said, what is the point? They are not and never will be a UK equivalent to the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) unfortunately. I will continue to try and maintain a semblance of dialogue because it is their DUTY to promote fairness and equality of treatment for ALL members of society and not just those that can shout the loudest. Shame about all that public money though.



And now Fuckipedia has decided to deny information to its site users who might want to find more information about the personal background and history that led to the campaign by deleting my partner David’s entry. The entry has been subsequently posted on my partner’s wonderful website however if anyone is interested http://davidbr1.livejournal.com/67105.html. David’s ‘Journal’ has lots of interesting and insightful commentary on a number of other issues as well!


Anything more positive or constructive to report at this moment in time? No, not really.


Keep checking this site though – because things really are moving in the right direction. It just doesn’t always seem that way.



The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered.


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