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Fighting for legal and social recognition outside the gendered societal structure

Christie Elan-Cane versus RBS Banking Group – Latest Update

I have today received a letter from the Executive Office of RBS Banking Group plc. This letter follows a long running battle where I’ve sought to persuade the organisation to remove an inappropriate and discriminatory requirement that customers should enter a gendered role, as part of the corporation’s registration procedure, in order to be able to receive online banking services. This totally unnecessary requirement impacts on non-gendered customers of all those banks that combine to form part of the RBS conglomerate, including NatWest with whom I’ve had an account for several years.

In the letter received today, RBS has undertaken to implement the necessary change and remove the requirement for a gendered role to be entered in order to access its online banking services facility. This change will happen at the point the corporation is implementing the next upgrade to its admittedly antiquated IT system, as it states in the letter “I can confirm our current plans are to make the necessary change...”. In terms of a timescale, the RBS spokesperson says “....we would hope to have this in place within the next 12 months.” I shall monitor the situation with interest – because I cannot access NatWest online banking services until this change is made – and will be right back on their case if no sign of change within this reasonable period.

The bank did not respond to my direct request that any gendered reference I may have given when I opened an account with NatWest in the 1980s is removed however I do expect that to happen and, again, straight back on their case if I suspect this necessary request has been ignored.

The letter concludes on a positive note “Society is changing and we accept we need to bear those changes in mind to understand how they impact on both the services we provide to our customers and the staff we employ.”

It has taken a very long time and a lot of effort – but RESULT – AT LAST!!!!!


EDM 907 tabled by Julian Huppert MP (LibDem: Cambridge) on 6 January 2014 now has 30 Member signatories, listed here http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/907. If your MP is not on this list, please again I urge you to approach them – make an appointment to visit your MP at their local constituency surgery if necessary – and get them to put their name to this. They are our elected representatives and it is their job to represent the needs of ALL their constituents http://findyourmp.parliament.uk/.

HM Passport Office sham ‘review’

Can be found here http://data.parliament.uk/DepositedPapers/Files/DEP2014-0152/Gendermarkings__290114.pdf. Anyone who has comments to direct to HMPO, such as everyone that contacted the agency up to and during the policy ‘review’ period (January 2012-February 2013) and expressed a need for ‘X’ whose efforts were completely ignored by HMPO in this report, should address their response to the agency via its website, or send to me at Christie.Elan-Cane@ukgateway.net for forwarding to the HMPO Executive office.

My response to this excuse of a document can be found here http://elancane.livejournal.com/19552.html

And, don’t forget, two petitions will remain online until the objectives are achieved – although petition for ‘X’ passports should now remain online in perpetuity having been immortalized by HM Passport Office in its ‘review’ outcome document!

In support of ‘X’ passports in the United Kingdom

Legal protection for all trans* and intersex in the UK

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The denial of existence is the worst act of discrimination by the gendered majority against the non-gendered


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